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The 2023 Sea 2 Key Double Century Adventure

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With Marcos around Mile 160 as the light rain began and temps started dropping

The second Sea 2 Key Double Century started off very nicely on April 29, just over a week ago. This is the second time that I have done this ride, but have completed many rides beyond 200 miles in the last […]

How to Master the ULTRA at a Master’s Age

It is a lot of fun to read the training programs, tips and advice given by hot shots in their 30’s for challenging cycling events. I’ve read such pieces about numerous grueling cycling events in the South. I have done most of them and for sure – the ULTRA is indeed the most difficult. […]

Tips for Surviving Cross Florida – Part 2

Last week I shared ten tips for making your Cross Florida journey more pleasurable – and hopefully a little more fun. Today you will find some more advice and suggestions. Please feel free to leave a comment, as I am sure there many other tips as well. Picking up where I left off last […]

Tips for Riding Cross Florida

What on earth would inspire people to attempt a 167 mile one day event from the east coast of Florida to the West Coast? “Because it’s there” is the resounding reply. Years ago it was an actual race, complete with police motorcycles rushing ahead to close all intersections for the front group to pass […]