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2021 Triple Bypass: 3rd Climb

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As we left off in the last post, Jessi and I had just come into Keystone, coming fast off the descent of Loveland Pass just a few miles – and a few thousand feet above us. I don’t know about Jessi, but I was absolutely enthralled by the experience at Loveland Pass. Seeing her […]

2021 Triple Bypass: 2nd Climb

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Part 2: Loveland Pass – the Highest One

Jessi and I heard the chatter: Mile 30 – Mile 59.6 were the hardest of the entire route. We heard that when we hit the Loveland Pass summit, about 60 miles in, everything else was easy-peasy.

However, those 30 miles leading up to the summit were nothing to […]

2021 Triple Bypass: 1st Climb

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Part 1: Juniper Pass

The morning started off chilly: 43 degrees when we left our Airbnb, high on the side of a mountain at 8400′ elevation. The Start Line temps would be a little warmer.

But just barely.

At 5:43am, in the darkness, we parked under one of the multiple parking lights at King Sooper, a […]