Why would anyone be surprised by such a statement? Of those who have experienced this ride as it has evolved over the years, this title could be a part of CAAM Event’s branding. Ever sine I did my first 200K in 2012, I was hooked on this ride. I have witnessed it morph with the times and it has become a fine-tuned, predictable organism. Early on this event was a kind of slug fest with surging, racing, dropping those who couldn’t stay attached to the peloton – and it was a peloton mass – unlike the smart-looking two-up pace line of discipline that we had this weekend.

Paul Ricci has made a name for himself- CAAM Events – and this bi-annual event has become his flagship. He rode in Mike Pettis’ 200K in 2011, when Mike organized the ride initially. Mike later got into triathlon, so Paul took over the ride because so many people enjoyed it thoroughly. The dates of Paul’s official CAAM 200ks were:  June 25, 2016, Oct. 8, 2017, January 21, 2018, November 3, 2018 and November 2, 2019. In between 2012 and 2016, the event was more of a ride than an official event, but it carried on annually.

This is the breakdown of pre-registered participants. There were about 40 walk-ups.

Pace Group Leaders for the 22mph group were Humayun Qureshi and Julie McKenzie, who have worked together in the past to keep that group safe. I was thankful to again lead the 20mph pace group. This mass numbered about 90 – and had some very strong and seasoned riders. My group worked very well together just about the whole time, which just makes my role as leader all the more sweeter. Of course, the Open Pace group did not want – or need – a leader…they simply raced for 128 miles. Wow! While there was no one to fill the Leadership role in the 18mph pace, but I have a feeling there will be volunteers that raise their hands for the task next year.

Julie, Humayan and I were still full of smiles at the end of the ride, as were most riders

Every single Rest Stop was very well stocked and manned by super friendly, helpful volunteers. Did you know Paul’s better half, Charisse, was manning at least one as well? All stops were in the shade too – which makes a big difference when spending 5-8 hours in the sun. Speaking of the sun, I was told that some people got hailed upon on Maytown Highway. The 20mph group got to cool off with rain for about 10 minutes, which was a gift, but nothing severe – thankfully! I digress…

New this year was Phil Diehl and his A&P Cycling Tour bus to SAG the 62-mile group back home. It was a really nice addition – a highly visible magic yellow bus that is outfitted to hold 32 cyclists and their bikes. You can expect this partnership between CAAM Events and A&PCT to extend long into the future. VeloFix and David Lancaster’s Bike SAG were again rolling along, ready to assist riders who needed a helping hand.

CAAM’s next big beach ride is the Sea Ya Next Year Century on December 28, 2019. Why not close out 2019 with a great century ride? See link for registration and details.

I hope to “Sea Ya” there!