Another year gone already? It seems we were just getting ready for the CAAM Events 200k 2018!

I’m excited that you are going to be in our group (the biggest group, mind you). If you will please download the route, it will be to your advantage and safety. Pack a spare tube and CO2 cartridge, a little snack and electrolytes. It is forecast to be only 84 degrees (delightful!), but we have little shade for much of the ride back home.

Safety Expectations

* Please abide by the leadership and marshals of the group who are responsible for keeping us together and safe. If you have a question, please ask.

* We will roll at a 16-17mph pace until the bridge and regroup between the downside of the bridge and the right hand turn on Dirkesn Road then we will ease the pace to 20. Pullers need to maintain 20mph and not push the pace.

* If you want to ride faster or slower than 20, you are welcome to. Please notify me or a marshal that you are leaving the group.

* Follow the pullers’ lead: if they are two up, the entire group is expected to ride two up.

* Even though we are riding as one, we must not spread across the entire lane and cause drivers to become anxious. Make sure they can see around us.

* Stay away the yellow line. We are to take only the right half of the lane, leaving room for the pullers to drop back safely, also for drivers to be able to see around us to pass. We will rotate off the front to the left and call out when riders are coming back. When we turn professional, we will pop off both sides and drift back 4 wide, but most are not ready to do that safely on a road with no shoulders.

Listen up and watch for signals from the front. Sometimes we may be required to ride single file. Call out when cars are passing so that all know to hold their line.

* We will have marshals throughout the group to help out. Should someone correct something you are doing, please don’t get defensive. We may be about 60-strong and we don’t know how most of the others ride. Be steady, hold your line and be predictable.

* Please no earbuds or being in your aerobars (unless you are last in the pace line). Oh – and no texting while riding!

* If you are on the front your job is to provide safety and protection for every single person behind you. Move the group away from a hazard, please don’t just point it out.

* If there is a hole, call where: “Hole right” or “hold middle”. That cuts down on confusion and wiggly wheels.

* There is no need for every person in the group to yell “Slowing!” or “Car back!” That can also cause confusion. If the person directly in front of you or behind you hollers something out, you don’t need to.

Rest Stops

* Tip: Get a piece of painter’s tape and write the mile markers down to put on your top tube.

* We will NOT stop at El Cheapos on the way out, but stop at mile 30 for our first rest stop. Our route will take us left but we will continue straight on for just about 1/4 mile Virgie’s Feed Station (sounds appetizing, eh?) We will hit it again on our return around mile 105. There are 3 porta-johns there as well as food, shade, water, etc. This will be a short 10 minute stop, as we have a long day ahead of us.

* We have another rest stop just 15 miles later at the Shell, where we will do a quick top off, if need be.

* At Flagler Ave. Boardwalk, let’s gather for a group photo before heading south. Could this be where we find headwinds? Only time will tell.

* The next rest stop is where Paul will be – handing out foot massages and sandwiches, alternately. Mile 62. Plan on taking abbot 15 minutes here to stretch, eat, sit, relax and make some new cycling friendlies.

* We leave this stop and head south a few more miles (an out & back) so we will not stop both times.

*Our next rest stops are mile 90 (Shell station) and 104 (Virgie’s again). Mile 117 is El Cheapos but it is not an official rest stop, so make sure you plan well ahead at Virgie’s. Load your pockets and be prepared to make it another 24 miles (I think you can do it!).  Just know that El Cheapos is there in case of a bonk so bring your $$ and be careful in the busy parking lot. Remember that pedestrians have the right of way over cyclists. 😉


We are going to have a special day of camaraderie and fun, so begin hydrating on Friday (all day). Save your Friday beer for after the ride Saturday! If you have questions please feel free to comment below and I will get back with you. Others may have the same concerns.

Looking forward to our day together!