Last week I shared ten tips for making your Cross Florida journey more pleasurable – and hopefully a little more fun. Today you will find some more advice and suggestions. Please feel free to leave a comment, as I am sure there many other tips as well. Picking up where I left off last week…

11) Dedicate your effort to a cause or to someone else. This will help take your mind off your own discomfort. I rode for Christian Liddy in 2016, a good riding friend of mine. He was in our group in 2015, and we all just love Chris. In July of 2015 he was involved in a very serious accident (he drove tractor trailers for work) and his life is forever changed. He lost his life nearly a year later after fighting very hard . XFL 2015 was the last time I rode with Chris. By dedicating this ride to him and thinking of what he and his family are going through, it will certainly put the ride in perspective. We will miss Chris greatly again this year. 

12) Get comfortable with the thought that you WILL BE uncomfortable. Some have made the suggestion of changing your shorts at the halfway point. I have tried that and have kept the same ones all ride long. Frankly I couldn’t tell a difference.

13) Have ibuprofen in your SAG vehicle. It’s not uncommon to get a headache or backache on this adventure. Don’t take acetaminophen as it can affect the kidney’s filtration process (which you need to work nicely).

14) Use caution at the mass start. If you don’t like crowds, simply hang back. Clip in just one foot at the mass start until the crowd thins. I’ve seen several folks topple over in the first 100 feet of the ride because of the overcrowded space at the beginning. Remember there are police escorts to control the pace at first, so no need to get all excited. Stay chill!

15) Keep in mind that as we tire, we don’t think as clearly. Watch your own space and keep a look out for others that are failing to hold their line. Encourage others that you see struggling and don’t be afraid to kindly remind someone to hold their line if need be.

16) As you get close to bonking, you will feel great one moment – and it will quickly turn to “Oh no, I think I am going to DIE.” Within minutes you will feel great for a short burst. This will continue if you don’t get some much-needed carbs into your brain. A Coke, a sugary snack or orange will help but make sure you keep your calories going in continually.

You will see lots of these!

17) There are cobblestone roads and roundabouts near Kissimmee; be careful. Some try to go Tour de France on us and bunny hop the curbs to cut off the roundabouts. Show offs. Stick to the road and be safe.

18) Bring a items for showering at the end. Caution: COLD WATER! It will feel good if it’s a hot day, but otherwise, prepare for a chill. Brrrrrrr!

19) Download the map and be familiar with where the SAGs will be. Or perhaps write the mileage on painter’s tape and put it on your top tube for quick reference. It will pull right off when you are done.

20) A proper bike fit ahead of time will help you be more comfortable and help you to avoid overuse / misalignment injuries. Motion Fit is where I had a wonderful experience getting Roxie set up for my flexibility, strength and comfort. Call Kameel today to get your appointment set up while you still have time and tell him Tracy sent you. (407) 614-7703
There you have it – 20 tips to help make your Cross Florida experience a good one. I didn’t touch the logistics of starting in Cocoa and ending in Bayport, so feel free to leave questions or comments about that. That is normally a big challenge, but if you make plans to be with a group it is easier to work out. Register here:
See you there!
We love the Liddy Family and keep you in our thoughts and prayers. #LiddyStrong