For the third time in four years, I am packing up and heading north to the color-filled mountains of western South Carolina. Thankfully, I was just there a month ago to train on each of the three big climbs, so my confidence level is pretty high as for being able to complete this tough challenge. However, I still feel a few nerves that start to shake and undermine said confidence.


Well, thanks for asking. I was hoping you would.



Road Captain in 2017
Being asked to be a Road Captain for this year’s event is a big deal to me and something I take seriously. We are told to maintain the advertised pace, to watch out for safety, keep an eye on the riders in our group and keep the Oasis rest stops to a minimum of 15 minutes. The other three B peloton captains are so very strong, and it can feel a little intimidating to know that I have to keep their pace – if you want to know the inside truth.  Kameel Abdurrahman, Jorge Feliciano and Claudia Garrell are accomplished cyclists and have less body fat than I do… and I think they have more gearing than Goldilox does (not that they need it to climb about 10,000′ a day for 3 days).

Coach Kameel Abdurrahman /


Jorge Feliciano with sweet Elizabeth (who is leading C group)
Cute thing Claudia Garrell

What makes the pressure even greater is that I requested to help lead the B peloton. Originally I was slated to help with the C group.


Eating Crow
I’ve had a slice or two of Umble Pie and it is just that – humiliating. “Open mouth —> insert foot” is something I’m pretty good at since I’ve had multiple opportunities to practice this discipline in my half century on this planet.

Have you ridden with people who show up with excuses pouring out of their mouths before ever rolling out of the parking lot? Sure you have. It’s not an attractive quality. I try hard not to make excuses for a less-than-expected performance. My good friend, David Benzel, has taught me that “It’s just the ego talking…” when excuses are uttered. Some days we just have a bad ride. Other days we fail to prepare fully and have a lackluster experience as a result. The best thing to say when this occurs is this: “It’s just not may day.” Excuses only make it worse and make us look weak.

I hope not to have to say such a sentence at Titans next week. I have trained, have put in the miles and the elevation. I feel ready. I am stoked! I just hope to live up to my own expectations of myself – and those of others. When I think of it that way, the jumpy nerves shrivel up and fall to the floor.

Reasons Why Titans Will Be AMAZING in 2017
The organizers have done their job well. Many participants are past Titans so it will be like a family reunion. The weather is forecast to be clear with lows of mid-50’s and highs around 72. PERFECT! With an event as challenging as this, the focus is really mind over matter. If I lose my mind, it won’t matter because I’m in great company, beautiful scenery and riding my bike. How does it get much better? I’ve got this!


It’s not too late to register! What are you waiting on? Use my promo code, gear up and let’s GO!


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