1:17 am1:17 am

It’s Time for Road Titans Again!

For the third time in four years, I am packing up and heading north to the color-filled mountains of western South Carolina. Thankfully, I was just there a month ago to train on each […]

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9:49 pm9:49 pm

Sugarloaf Mountain Megadevelopment Meeting Notes

Ready or not – here it comes. More than 6,500 home sites will be developed in Minneola and it will be starting soon with new roads that will allow for the infrastructure to be […]

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11:45 pm11:45 pm

The Residents of the Hills have a Message for Us

The other week a friend of mine and I were out zipping though the hills when she noticed an odd sound from her back wheel as we propelled ourselves up Buckhill.  We stopped so […]

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11:57 pm11:57 pm

Stop It Already

There are many people in this world who like to argue to hear themselves. Then there are others who would just assume turn and run when it appears conflict is about to begin. And […]

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12:44 am12:44 am

You Kneed to Know This

We have all been told of the many benefits of cycling: cardiovascular health, lower blood pressure, stress relief (as long as you keep the bike upright), fat loss, coordination and improved balance among others. Many of […]

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11:06 pm11:06 pm

Aero or No-no?

As a kid, one of my favorite magazines was Highlights. For those readers who are under the age of 30, this may be foreign to you. However, for you who were born in the […]

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