4:35 pm4:35 pm

Suffering for Others’ Benefit: RAAM 2018

It’s beyond my scope of understanding, but for some sick reason we mere mortals seem to get some sort of gratification out of watching someone else suffer greatly during insane athletic events. “How can […]

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11:22 am11:22 am

Riding the Tail of the Dragon / Cherohala Challenge

At Road Titans 300 last year I met a delightful Brit named Phil through a mutual cycling friend. He spoke to me about coming to take on the Cherohala Challenge in June of 2018. […]

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11:56 am11:56 am

Tips for Surviving Cross Florida – Part 2

Last week I shared ten tips for making your Cross Florida journey more pleasurable – and hopefully a little more fun. Today you will find some more advice and suggestions. Please feel free to […]

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1:00 pm1:00 pm

Tips for Riding Cross Florida

What on earth would inspire people to attempt a 167 mile one day event from the east coast of Florida to the West Coast? “Because it’s there” is the resounding reply. Years ago it […]

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4:58 pm4:58 pm

Pedal the Chill Away

Living in Florida offers a year-round training ground. While northerly friends of ours might be relegated to indoor trainers during these winter months we get to enjoy afternoon rides in temperatures that range from […]

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1:51 pm1:51 pm

Compression Socks – Why Wear Them?

Increased vascularity in the legs of cyclists is both a blessing and a hidden curse. Genetics plays a role in how the vascularity presents itself later in life through varicose and / or spider […]

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1:23 pm1:23 pm

2018 Goals


Here I sit, over a week into the New Year and I have yet to put into writing what my cycling goals are. Not that I haven’t been giving it thought – a whole […]

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5:52 pm5:52 pm

Are You Up for the Maiden Voyage Tour?

They have come onto the cycling scene out of nowhere. In early October I spoke with the owner and it was just an idea, just a plan. A cycling friend of mine, Phil Diehl, […]

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6:06 pm6:06 pm

The Donkey Ear’s Promise of Hope

A few Christmases ago a client of mine gave me a Donkey Ear plant-baby, carefully wrapped in a moist paper towel and tucked into a plastic sandwich bag. She assured me that it was […]

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2:13 pm2:13 pm

From Muscles to Mush

The downside of taking time off the bike – whether it be due to injury, travel, unforeseen life circumstances, etc. – is how quickly the body goes awry. Should any of you readers be […]

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