11:56 am11:56 am

Tips for Surviving Cross Florida – Part 2

Last week I shared ten tips for making your Cross Florida journey more pleasurable – and hopefully a little more fun. Today you will find some more advice and suggestions. Please feel free to […]

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1:00 pm1:00 pm

Tips for Riding Cross Florida

What on earth would inspire people to attempt a 167 mile one day event from the east coast of Florida to the West Coast? “Because it’s there” is the resounding reply. Years ago it […]

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4:58 pm4:58 pm

Pedal the Chill Away

Living in Florida offers a year-round training ground. While northerly friends of ours might be relegated to indoor trainers during these winter months we get to enjoy afternoon rides in temperatures that range from […]

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1:51 pm1:51 pm

Compression Socks – Why Wear Them?

Increased vascularity in the legs of cyclists is both a blessing and a hidden curse. Genetics plays a role in how the vascularity presents itself later in life through varicose and / or spider […]

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1:23 pm1:23 pm

2018 Goals


Here I sit, over a week into the New Year and I have yet to put into writing what my cycling goals are. Not that I haven’t been giving it thought – a whole […]

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5:52 pm5:52 pm

Are You Up for the Maiden Voyage Tour?

They have come onto the cycling scene out of nowhere. In early October I spoke with the owner and it was just an idea, just a plan. A cycling friend of mine, Phil Diehl, […]

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6:06 pm6:06 pm

The Donkey Ear’s Promise of Hope

A few Christmases ago a client of mine gave me a Donkey Ear plant-baby, carefully wrapped in a moist paper towel and tucked into a plastic sandwich bag. She assured me that it was […]

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2:13 pm2:13 pm

From Muscles to Mush

The downside of taking time off the bike – whether it be due to injury, travel, unforeseen life circumstances, etc. – is how quickly the body goes awry. Should any of you readers be […]

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1:17 am1:17 am

It’s Time for Road Titans Again!

For the third time in four years, I am packing up and heading north to the color-filled mountains of western South Carolina. Thankfully, I was just there a month ago to train on each […]

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9:49 pm9:49 pm

Sugarloaf Mountain Megadevelopment Meeting Notes

Ready or not – here it comes. More than 6,500 home sites will be developed in Minneola and it will be starting soon with new roads that will allow for the infrastructure to be […]

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